Digital Signage Expo 2008 – Workshop Agenda

Das Workshop-Programm der Digital Signage Expo 2008 in Essen startet täglich um 10 Uhr morgens. Ab 11.30 Uhr stellen sich dann die Redner gemeinsam den Fragen des interessierten Publikums. Um 12.30 Uhr enden die Workshops. Die nachfolgende Agenda entspricht dem Stand vom 25. April 2008.

6. Mai 2008

gim.PNGSignals From the Marketplace
Nicholas Loose – GIM (Germany)

Results of the First Global Digital Signage Research. GIM has conducted the first comprehensive global survey on digital signage. The results will be exclusively presented here.

basf.PNGBASF Today
Dr. Jasmin Top – BASF (Germany)

An innovative instrument for employee communication. Global rollout of digital signage in employee communication – an in-depth case study.

cisco.PNGCisco DMS: a business video story
Frédéric Groussolles – Cisco Europe (France)

How a Digital Signage Network has Boosted Sales for a Market Leader. This presentation will be of interest to a broad spectrum ofbusinesses and organisations that use point of sale advertising in their marketing mix.

The Future is In-store
Ralph Mikitta – Hughes (Germany)

Key Digital Signage Sucess Factors and Examples. The importance of a holistic approach to digital signage installations and campaigns – what’s relevent and what isn’t.

7. Mai 2008

scala.PNGInternational Concepts in Digital Signage
Helge Haarig – SCALA (Netherlands)

An Overview of Different Digital Signage Approaches. A presentation of international digital signage concepts based on actual installations, with a focus on the retail market.

publicis.PNGEnough is Enough!
Fabian Keller – Publicis (Germany)

Digital Signage is Getting Professional, Creative and Focused – Finally! Digital Signage has left the prototype phase for good. Now it is all about relevant content and professional implementation.

pironet1.PNGThe Customer Experience
Hans Werner Scherer – Pironet (Germany)

A Vision of Multi-Channel Retailing. Synchronising digital signage into a flexible, efficient services network designed to immediately reflect and respond to the input of the consumer.

gim1.PNGWhere We Are Now
Dr. Stefan Telschow – GIM (Germany)

Conclusions from POPAI’s Global Digital Signage Study. The actions that the industry must take to reflect the conclusions reached from the results of the first global digital signage study.

8. Mai 2008

platt.PNGThe Future of Digital Signage in Banking Networks
Steven Platt – Platt Institute (USA)

A Holistic Look at Digital Signage in Consumer Finance. A detailed look at the overall effects that digital signage can have on both the consumer experience and the efficiency of the bank.

nanonation.PNGBeyond Digital Signage
Brian Ardinger & Bradley Walker – Nanonation (USA)

How Interactivity and Integration are Impacting the Customer Experience. From touch screens and mobile phones to RFID-triggered smart shelves; find out how businesses are using the power of interaction to impact the customer experience and measure the results.

Postbank’s Digital Signage Network
Speaker Requested – Details to be confirmed

Case Study. A nationwide digital signage rollout into all post offices branches in Germany.

gesturetek.PNGGetting the Customer Involved
Vincent John Vincent – Gesturetek (USA)

Gesture Control and Immersive Media in Interactive Digital Signage. Digital signage goes interactive.