DooH Standards Workshop
20 October 2010 09:00 – 12:00 h

Nurlan Urazbaev, Director of Marketing for BroadSign International

DooH Standards are the main focus of the Standards Workshop on 20 October. Nurlan Urazbaev / Broadsign and Dirk Hülsermann / Neo Advertising present a draft of the OVAB Europe DooH Standards. Proof of Play as well as a common media currency will be presented and discussed.Participation of the industry is mostly welcome as the European digital signage industry needs to overcome the heterogeneous DooH sales and reporting environment.

For further information upfront please contact Nurlan Urazbaev or Dirk Hülsermann directly.

Proof of Play – Abstract

The acceptance of Digital out of Home Advertising relies in part of a seamless, proven and generally accepted proof of play. Advertisers and Media Agencies expect definitive proof that their commercials aired correctly and that DOOH network operators report this in a standard format, that a comparison between the different networks is possible. At present, not all of the network operators are in the position to provide a detailed campaign report, this needs to be changed and is the mission of the OVAB Proof-of-Play Standard Commission, in order to build up trust on the media agency and advertiser level. In order to fulfill that, the standard should consist of four components (Proof of Display, Player Logfile, Campaign Report and Campaign Performance). To establish the standard in short term, the Proof of Display Standard should be established first, where the other components should be established in a mid- to long-term timeframe.

POPAI has published basic playlog standards (current version 1.1a 23 August 2006) playlog, according to the released POPAI glossary, is a record of information created from the digital signage system players reflecting the content played, the system performance and other data. A well-defined playlog format provides necessary information for digital signage network users to audit, monitor and act on the intelligence. A standardized format provides credibility to the digital signage users by ensuring the required information is present and by making the sharing

OVAB Europe aims to develop on base of the POPAI playlogsa seamless hardware supported proof of play standard. Besides a standard reporting the new proof of play standard builds on a physical sensor at the point of play (display). The OVAB Europe Proof-of-Play Standard Commission should aim a standard, which does not result in a massive investment by the DOOH network operators and is easy to set-up, otherwise this would hinder the implementation of concept.

External Proof-of-Concepts are already available and go to market is feasible in 2010. Internal / integrated PoP could be available in approx. six months

OVAB Europe Standard committee will present a standard framework in October at the Munich Digital Signage Conference. An open discussion and a formal standard decision including major /non-OVAB DS suppliers and users is planned to be held in Munich. The first two OVAB Europe members are already working on prototypes to be presented at the conference.

Aggregator / Media Currency – Abstract

The concept of standardizing and packaging ad space from multiple DOOH networks to make media buys easier for agencies is becoming more and more relevant. As long as single networks don’t offer the reach expected by media buyers DooH aggregator will be essential for the industry, as well as delivering same data concerning reach and performance of the media, which is heavily requested by the media agencies. As stated before, the DOOH media must be easy to buy and plan, otherwise the industry will not see media buys on a larger scale. There are numerous examples of other media industries, once they established media currencies and metrics, the media was accepted and trusted by the media buyers, which results in massive growth in AD spending.

Aggregators need standards for display characteristics and vital data, in order to gain trust and credibility in the young and upcoming DOOH media. OVAB Europe is working on a common goal to establish generally accepted standards as well as common media currency and will try to implement these standards among OVAB and non-OVAB Member companies The complicated task of standardizing metrics across European markets is our long term goal.The mission of OVAB Europe is to establish DOOH as a media among the media and advertising industry, OVAB Europe will highly focus on the described task, in order to drive the industry forward.

OVAB Europe Standard committee will present a standard framework in October at the Munich Digital Signage Conference. Before presenting the outcome of the committee at the conference, a reality check at DOOH network operator will be done by the committee, in order to seek the acceptance by the industry. An open discussion and a formal standard decision including major /non-OVAB DS suppliers and users is planned to be held in Munich.