ECE Flatemdia Otto Gruppe

Oliver Poppelbaum, Managing Director Marketing & Sales

Name: Oliver Poppelbaum
Title: Managing Director Marketing & SalesShort Biography: Before starting at ECE flatmedia GmbH Oliver Poppelbaum was Managing Director at Scholz & Friends Group GmbH. There he was responsible for the full range of the Interactive GmbH, including internet, mobile marketing, IP-TV, communities and affiliate Marketing.
Previously he was Managing Director of Wunderman GmbH, the world’s largest agency for Dialogue Marketing and CRM, and responsible for the national and European business of Ford Motor Company and other Blue Chip-clients.
Before that he was in the Publicis Network, most recently as a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Partner of d.pole communication GmbH, a successful spin-off of Publicis Hamburg.

Otto Gruppe

ECE flatmedia

Company Description: ECE flatmedia GmbH is a subsidary of ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, which is the European market leader for shopping malls and operator of the biggest flatscreen-network in Germany for premium shopping malls. ECE flatmedia started business on April 1st, 2008, to set standards as the innovative media channel in the market for digital advertising at the point-of-sale.flatmedia is currently represented in 41 Shopping malls nationwide. flatmedia installed > 800 flatscreens inside the malls in all relevant cities of Germany, e.g. in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. The flatscreen-network can be booked for locally, regional and national.
Contact Person: Oliver Poppelbaum