Stefan Kuhlow, CEO, Ströer Infoscreen

Name: Stefan Kuhlow Title: CEO, Ströer Infoscreen

Short Biography: Stefan Kuhlow has been working in the out-of-home media industry since 1996. In 2000 he became CEO of Ströer Infoscreen. With a comprehensive network of screens, continuous innovations, high quality standards and valid media research data, Ströer Infoscreen and Stefan Kuhlow have significantly increased the importance and relevance of digital media in Germany.

Ströer Infoscreen

Company Description: Ströer Infoscreen GmbH is the leading provider of digital out-of-home media in Germany. It develops, installs, operates and markets digital advertising device concepts with adapted content formats for waiting passengers and passers-by. The network of digital media presently includes 261 installations in subway and local train stations, in main train stations and airports throughout Germany. With the new digital media “Out-of-Home-Channel” Ströer Infoscreen will provide the biggest network of digital screens in Europe until the end of 1011.
Contact Person: Daniela Schloderer