Ilona Klevansky

Name: Ilona KlevanskyTitle: Managing & Creative Director Nova Versa

Short Biography: Ilona Klevansky has more than 12 years of consulting and hands-on experience in building, launching and managing brands. A passionate advocate of digital signage, she combines conceptual and creative thinking with a diverse background in traditional advertising, interactive marketing, digital signage, brand planning and retail design. Her interest in human behaviour and psychology adds to the strategic insights and creative direction used in engaging the viewer.

nova versa

Nova Versa

Company Description: Nova Versa is a Cross-Media, Marketing, and Consulting Agency based in The Netherlands. We combine strategic, creative, conceptual and analytical insights to advise Brands, Agencies, Retailers, Marketers and Network Providers. Digital media is the future of communication, enabling real-time interactivity and engagement with the target audience and digital signage is a key medium in our communications strategy. Nova Versa helps navigate the entire process – from identifying the business objectives, building/executing an effective plan to ensuring success through measured results.
Contact Person: Ilona Klevansky