Bob’s Display Market Insights

UltraHD or "4K" is the hot new topic in the TV world ...

... and now the technology is moving into digital signage. Meko has forecast that the penetration of UltraHD sets into the European Public Display market will reach just over 5% in 2016.

There is a lot of immediate interest in UltraHD in digital signage, especially among fashion retailers for large displays (e.g. 84″) which are used in portrait mode to show fantastic ‚life size‘ catwalk presenations. The reality is that although higher resolution is an attractive idea, there are challenges in creating, storing and distributing high resolution content in the short term. The broadcasters have also not decided exactly how they plan to define UltraHD in the longer term.

As we go forward, faster processors, new codecs and improved interfaces will knock down these barriers. The broadcasters will work out their plans for the future. Unless you’re fairly close to a display, and it’s a big one, the benefits of UltraHD are limited. In addition, boosting the resolution typically reduces the efficiency of the display, going against the trend to greener products. However, the LCD industry has a long history of value and performance improvement and will drive the acceptance of UltraHD so that it will dominate the large screen sizes by the end of our forecast period.

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