OVAB Digital Signage and DooH Business Climate Index

The Digital Signage market in Italy is slowly recovering

After another year in recession the general economy in Italy and with it the Digital Signage industry is slowly recovering. The DBCI rose to 16 pase points and is now slightly positive.

The Digital Signage industry in Italy shows an increased satisfaction with the current business situation as 71,4% of all participants answered with “good” or “satisfactory”. Similarly the expectations for the next six months are much better as almost 50% of all polled companies see the future “more favourable”. The recent economic policy measures are believed to kick-start Italy’s still ailing economy and boost exports which in turn will benefit the Digital Signage industry . The additional questions have shown that 75% of all Digital Signage projects in 2013 were smaller installations with up to ten displays.

The full report of the March/April 2014 DBCI for Italy is available for download here.