OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Solid current business situation but sober outlook in Russia

In Russia the business sentiment in the Digital Signage industry is currently solid with sober expectations for the next six months, as the OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index DBCI – EMEA shows. The Index is polled by invidis with support from the European industry association OVAB Europe.
Retail Outlets in Moscow's Gum
Retail Outlets in Moscow’s Gum

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index Russia has been polled for the first time in 2014. The Index stands at almost 20 base points, reflecting the current slightly positive business sentiment of the Digital Signage industry in Russia. The economic downturn in the wake of the current crisis has weakened the Russian economy. The facts are a drain of foreign capital, a bear market at the stock exchange, a devaluation of the Ruble and a rise in central bank interest rates. Particularly the import dependent Digital Signage industry is feeling the effects.

However, the European economy is still very dependent on Russian natural resources especially gas and oil and the state finances are still very strong with only 1,3% budget deficit of GDP compared to 3,3% in the EU. Therefore, the business sentiment of the Digital Signage industry is still good, with a cautious outlook for the next six months.

The additional questions show a robust demand for large scale digital signage networks in 2013, as almost 40% of the Digital Signage networks installed consisted out of more than 50 displays. The most important markets for Digital Signage in Russia are Retail, Malls and DooH. Customer engagement, marketing and ambient installations at the POS become more and more common not only in most high-street retailers, but also in small and medium businesses. Moreover the harsh climatic conditions promote the construction of indoor shopping centers in Russia. Since new shopping malls are being equipped regularly with Digital Signage solutions, not only for the retail outlets, but also for information, way finding and marketing by the mall operator, consisted revenues can be generated here.

The full survey can be downloaded here .