Samsung Smart Signage in Lithuanian banks

Samsung Smart Signage is powered by Signagelive´s SoC software and enables AB “Citadele” bankas to implement a centralised digital signage network across all main branches. The digital signage installations are used to enhance existing promotional activities by displaying eye-catching, high resolution content in client waiting areas.

In Lithuania Samsung Smart Signage has been supplied and installed by Hansab, Signagelive’s strategic channel partner in the Baltic region and provider of innovative technology solutions to banking, retail, public and private sector organisations. All content is stored and managed on Signagelive’s core platform and delivered to Samsung’s Smart Signage Displays over LAN without needing any external media player technology.

Samsung Smart Signage Display installed in-branch (Image: Hansab)
Samsung Smart Signage Display installed in-branch (Image: Hansab)

AB “Citadele” bankas selected SoC because of its user friendly qualities, moreover it offers significant cost savings. The cloud-based digital signage network has enabled the bank to run a countrywide digital signage network that can be managed from a centralised point. The installation comprises six 40” LED displays, installed in client waiting areas in all branches, and two 48” high brightness, street facing displays to communicate with the general public. The dynamically updated content can be shared across all branches or targeted for specific locations, depending on requirements.

The Samsung Smart Signage Displays have been well accepted. Head of Marketing and PR department Rita Simanavičiūtė from AB “Citadele” bankas explains: ”The system is really user friendly and the management dashboard is intuitive, requiring no technical expertise. The automated turn on and off facility is particularly useful for scheduling content and saves us a great deal of time.”