OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Three questions for Roi Iglesias (CEO Neo Advertising Spain)

The second issue of the DBCI in Spain is now online. The current business sentiment is very satisfying with even better expectations for the next six months. invidis has asked Roi Iglesias CEO of Neo Advertising Spain on his views of the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home market.

invidis: You have taken part in the second DBCI survey in Spain, how do you rate the results and their relevance for the Digital Signage industry?

Iglesias: I found the results very interesting, particularly for the Spanish market. In the last three years the industry in Spain was focused on studies about DOOH ad spend but the DBCI offers a wider approach and includes the other companies of this industry, like hardware, software and service providers. For the Spanish market participants it is very helpful to know more about the evolution of the market and the expectations. Moreover to find out about trends and drivers in the important vertical markets, concerning content, or new business opportunities is important. I would like to invite companies to take part in the survey and share their ideas for additional questions which could offer us a better approach to the market needs.

invidis: The analysis of the DBCI shows a very positive trend, how do you rate the current business situation for Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home in Spain and Portugal and what are your expectations for the rest of the year?

Iglesias: In Spain the current business situation is highly positive for Digital Signage. Important corporate and retail customers understand the power of the media and many are on the way to have a clear strategy to implement Digital Signage solutions in their offices and stores. But we need to jump to the next level and help these customers to do it properly. The expectations for the rest of the year are also highly positive. For us this means robust growth, with big projects in the last months in corporate and retail sectors. Moreover an important part of our growth strategy is our initiative in Latin America, although many of the projects will start in 2015. However, we feel the DBCI accurately mirrors the current business sentiment in Spain.

invidis: Which main challenges is the industry facing in 2014?

Iglesias: It is not easy to summarize the trends, but we can find some breakthroughs that serve as indicators for the positive current expectation. Customers are moving from pilot projects to deploy massive large scale projects with hundreds of displays. Then the internationalization of some big Spanish companies that implement in other countries the same Digital Signage solutions that have worked in Spain. Moreover the last activities of big DOOH players in airports, metros and, recently, in the streets and in the main avenues. Surely our major unresolved issue is providing the customer with a clear cut strategy for these projects and focusing on the ROI. The return on investment should not only be used for the DOOH advertising projects, but most Digital Signage companies are still focused in their technical capabilities instead of solutions and communicative strategies. We need to explain the benefits of Digital Signage where brands connect with customers.

Neo Advertising is a leading international agency in the creation and network management for Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home. Roi Iglesias is a veteran in the industry and has contributed to the industries growth in Spain since the beginnings. He also shares his insights and news from the industry on his blog Digital Signage Creativo.

The full DBCI survey can be downloaded here.