OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

First DBCI France shows positive business sentiment

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) France - which is polled by invidis consulting with the support of OVAB Europe and the cooperation partner for France, Club du Digital Media - has been polled for the first time in 2014. It is reflecting the current slightly positive business sentiment of the third largest digital signage market.

The index stands at 41,70 base points. 90% of the polled companies are satisfied or rate their current business climate positive. In France, the digital signage and digital out of home market experienced a steady growth over the full year 2013 and a strong year-on-year showing of the first three quarters in 2014.

Cooperation with Club du Digital Media in the third largest market

France is the third largest market for digital signage in Europe. The first poll November/December 2014 has been supported by Club du Digital Media. The cooperation partner for France will also poll the next DBCI surveys with invidis and OVAB in the coming year.

With 55% more favorable expectations for the next six months the market participants in France are expecting a definite opportunity for their business in 2015. Particularly the demand for quality shop window signage in the retail sector can be satisfied with the now widely available sunlight readable displays.

DBCI France Nov./Dec. 2014 - vertical markets (Image: invidis)
DBCI France Nov/Dec 2014 – vertical markets (Image: invidis)

Retail is the most significant market for the digital signage industry

Retail is with approximately 22,3% of all digital signage revenues the biggest vertical market. Customer engagement, marketing and ambient installations become more and more common not only in most high-street retailers, but also in small and medium businesses. Important trends are the direct integration of signage in the shop furnishing and the high demand for shop window signage.

The corporate communication vertical market has grown exponentially over the last few years. The digitization of employee communications is now seen as a sustainable investment by many companies. Now networks with up to 300 displays will be more and more common.

Banking is the third biggest vertical market in France. The trend towards the digitalization of the communication in the local branches will lead to networks with up to 1.000 displays.

Here the survey can be downloaded in English (full report) and French (summary) language.