OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Robust outlook for 2015 in Spain and Portugal

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) Spain & Portugal has grown to a very positive level. The index, which is polled by invidis consulting with the support of the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home association OVAB Europe, has been polled for the third time in 2014.

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) has grown strongly to a very positive level with an increase of 14,77 base points to stand at 54,74 base points.

The positive trend of the DBCI reflects the positive business sentiment of the digital dignage industry in Spain and Portugal. The market participants show a high satisfaction with the current business situation and have very positive expectations for the next six months.

After three years of regressive investments, in the third quarter of 2014 many blue chip companies have shown increasing interest in digital dignage and have published several RFPs.

Further Research

DBCI Spain/Portugal Nov/Dec 2014: Low market share for UHD, but high demand for entry level signage (Grafic: invidis)
DBCI Spain/Portugal Nov/Dec 2014: Further research (Grafic: invidis)

The still very high costs for UHD content has a dampening effect on the expectations for full UHD projects in the next year.

Falling hadware prices and availability of plug-and-play solutions have resulted in a high demand for entry-level digital signage.

Here the survey can be downloaded in English (full report) and Spanish (summary).