OVAB Digital Signage Business Climate Index - The year 2014 in review

Two markets going from strength to strength – DE/AT/CH and BENELUX

The DBCI had a great success in 2014. To the core market of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the Polish and Italian markets seven more countries were added in 2015.

Over the year the markets of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg (Benelux), Russia, Spain & Portugal and France all saw their first DBCI surveys. Together with OVAB cooperation partners and research ambassadors like the Club du Digital Media and OoH-TV in France or Roi Iglesias from Spain (CEO Neo Advertising) it was possible to introduce the DBCI in various markets with great success.

The DBCI or OVAB Europe Digital Signage & DooH Business Climate Index is a widely observed early indicator for economic development in the digital signage and digital out of home industry of the EMEA market region. The DBCI is published bi-monthly. It is based on the responses of the high level management from all relevant companies in the digital signage value chain.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • The DBCI started very positive in 2014, but it lost some momentum from the second quarter onwards. Still it constantly scored in the upper positive range.
  • With over 50% of all revenues generated, the SMB sector has become the most important and dynamic growing sector for the digital signage market.
  • The last 12 months recorded a high customer demand for entry-level products, mobile integration, small signage and interactivity at the PoS.
  • 4k will have only a low impact in 2015. The polled companies expect only a 5% to 10% market share for UHD digital signage projects.
  • The digital out of home market again recorded a very good year with gross advertising revenues growing between 20% and 30%.
DBCI markets & countries 2015 (Image: invidis)
DBCI markets & countries 2015 (Image: invidis)



  • Steady growth over the full year 2013 and a very strong year-on-year showing of the first two quarters in 2014 has been driving the digital signage and DooH market.
  • However, the rest of the year has seen some volatility, as approximately 20% of the market participants recorded lower total revenues compared to the previous year.
  • With over 60% of all revenues generated, the SMB sector has become the most important and dynamic growing sector for the digital signage market.
  • Big roll-outs with more than 100 displays are still very rare. The slow investments particularly of the blue chip companies had a dampening effect for most large scale digital signage projects.
  • Increasing demand for interactive and “engaging” solution is strengthening the high demand for specialized integration and content creation services and products.