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UK digital outdoor revenues with strong growth in 2014

- The industry association Outdoor Media Center reported a 27 % growth in revenues for Digital out of Home for the full year. Particularly the strong showing in the last three quarters in 2014 gave a boost to the industry. von Daniel Russell

London Westfield Stratford Mall - Exterion totem

London Westfield Stratford Mall – Exterion totem (Image: invidis)

The Outdoor market in the UK is booming. The media recorded £ 1bn in revenues in 2014. Particularly the strong fourth quarter was responsible for that growth. Much of the momentum is down to an increasing digital outdoor sites in the portfolio of the media owners. Mark Craze, the chairman of the OMC, remarked: „These are great results for the sector. The market is benefiting from the investment in digital but also the rampant inflation levels in TV. The growth in retail is clearly a result of press advertising losing share, which is moving on to digital screens.“

Outdoor Media Center: UK Digital out of Home revenues

Outdoor Media Center: UK Digital out of Home revenues (Image: OMC)

Increasing market share of Roadsite and Retail/Leasure helped boost revenues of digital outdoor in the UK to reach £ 272 million. Both segments became more important over the last few years. Since 2011 Roadsite respectively Retail/Leasure have gained between 5 % to 10 % market share, while transport could not grow accordingly. The good performance of DooH in the UK is even more remarkable when compared with other major European advertising markets. The 28 % market share of DooH within the outdoor market is unrivaled, as in comparable markets like Germany or France the media is barely scratching the 5 % mark.

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