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Digital Signage market starts with positive trend in 2015

- According to the latest Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) in DE/AT/CH the industry has had a succesfull year in 2014 and is looking forward to even more growth in 2015. Compared to November and December the business climate has increased slightly in January. von Daniel Russell


DBCI January/February 2015 DACH Digital Signage Trends 2015 (source: invidis, photos: archive)

Since the last survey in November 2014 the Digital Signage Business Climate Index has increased from 54,15 base points by 5,00 points to 59,15 base points. The current business situation has increased markedly and is now very positive. The optimism concerning the near future has grown rather slightly in the new year.

The drastic decrease in the oil price since the last summer has significantly lowered the energy costs in the major European economies to the effect, that the Digital Signage market is on a continuous upward trend.

Further Research

In the year 2014 between 250-300 new jobs were created in the Digital Signage market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The comparably low growth year 2014 in the German language Digital Signage market is also reflected in the number of new openings created. In comparison in the very good year 2013 the market participants were responsible for 400-500 new jobs.

In 2014 the Digital Signage market was enthusiastic about entry level signage, but sufficient technical performance was still a major issue. Entry level signage, POS and Small/Large Signage will be the trends in 2015.

The full survey of January/February 2015 can be downloaded here.

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