OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Good business sentiment and very positive outlook for 2015

According to the latest Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) in France the industry has a good business sentiment and a very positive outlook for 2015. Compared to November and December 2014 the business climate has increased in January.

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index France has been polled for the second time. The index has increased from 41,70 base points by 17,29 points to 58,99 base points. The DBCI reflects the current positive business sentiment of the Digital Signage industry in France. Almost 90% of the polled companies are satisfied or rate their current business climate as good.

The market expects even more favourable conditions for their business within the next six month. 73% of the survey participants have this view. The year 2014 saw a clear increase in customer demand for Digital Signage solutions. With declining CAPEX and a rising professionalization in the industry more and more customers started investing in Digital Signage. Together with a further development of DooH networks this drove revenues up for the Digital out of Home and Digital Signage market participants.

Further Research

In 2014 between 69,8% percent of all companies in the Digital Signage market have hired new staff and an estimate of between 200-250 new jobs were created. The high customer demand in 2014 has led to more projects being realised and thus the companies had to invest in human capital to stem all new obligations.

In 2014 the Digital Signage market was enthusiastic about strong growth in revenues and customer demand, but legal restrictions, bureaucracy and low content quality dampen the mood. Entry level signage, POS and Small/Large Signage will be the major trends in 2015.

The full survey DBCI France January/February 2015 can be downloaded here.