OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Digital Signage market continues the positive trend

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) which is polled regularly by invidis and OVAB Europe has further increased in Benelux since the last poll in January.

The current business sentiment has further increased since the last survey, with the outlook for the next six months continuously optimistic. The Index grew from 67,39 base points by 4,04 points to reach 71,43 base points. The digital signage market in Benelux can look back on a satisfying year 2014. Particularly the hardware providers pushed the business with a growth of up to 25 % in units.

The SMB sector still drives digital signage revenues

Current business situation | DBCI Benelux 2015 (Image: invidis)

85 % of all digital signage projects in 2014 were small and medium installations with up to 50 displays. Smaller projects have a higher margin and can be carried out successfully by most players in the market. Only 8 % digital signage networks rolled out in 2014 were larger than 100 displays because large projects generate high revenues, but discounts increase with the number of hardware used and tear into the margin.

Retail remains top, strong demand for corporate communications

Retail is with approximately one fifth of all digital signage revenues still the biggest vertical market. The corporate communication vertical market has seen a positive trend over the last few years and could secure its second place. While banking is the third biggest vertical market in Benelux.

Clear growth for DooH expected for the next 36 months

Clear growth in the DooH sector expected for the next 36 months. Particularly a combination of cross-media bundling and the development of new networks will drive the media to a market share of between 15 % and 20 % of outdoor.

Here the full survey March/April 2015 can be downloaded.