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DBCI Scandinavia - Interview with Frank Larsen

For the first DBCI survey in Scandinavia invidis has asked Frank Larsen, CEO Digital Experiences Nordic, about how he rates the business situation for digital signage in Scandinavia and the results of the DBCI as well as their relevance for the digital signage industry. The DBCI is based on the responses of the high level management from all relevant companies in the digital signage value chain.
Digital Signage at Duty Free Shop at Oslo Airport (Image: invidis)
Digital Signage at Duty Free Shop at Oslo Airport (Image: invidis)

Frank Larsen / Digital Experiences Nordic (Image: Frank Larsen)
Frank Larsen / CEO Digital Experiences Nordic (Image: Frank Larsen)

invidis: Mr. Larsen, you have taken part in the first DBCI survey in Scandinavia, how do you rate the results and their relevance for the digital signage industry?

Larsen: I find the results very similar to the observations we see in the market and therefore a good indicator of the general situation in Scandinavia.

I believe it is highly relevant for the industry as such to have some more reliable data to build around their business. For years, the digital signage industry has been waiting for the „big explosion“ in growth, but reality is that only a few has been able to take advantage of the growth, since the pond of vendors has exceeded the market growth.
I expect to see more consolidations in the market in the coming years, which is good for the business in general, but also for the customers who will experience a more professional and mature market.

The analysis of the DBCI shows a positive trend, how do you rate the current business situation for digital signage in Scandinavia?

Larsen: Positive. The financial crisis is finally letting go of pessimism and negative growth. Retailers and corporates are again willing to invest in a better customer experience with digital signage solutions.

And how do you see the situation in the different countries, can we observe real differences?

Larsen: No doubt, that Norway was the Scandinavian locomotive during the crisis, almost unaffected of the global financial crisis. The locomotive is still running strong, however with a more reduced speed. Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Iceland are now picking up again and I am sure these countries will all show good growth in 2015.

Which main challenges will the digital signage industry in Scandinavia be facing in 2015?

Larsen: I might be stepping on someone’s toes here, but seeing ISE 2015 and some of the other tradeshows, the industry are still focused on Digital Signage as a separate segment. Omni channel integration is keyword everywhere, but a true integration between signage, smartphones, social media etc. is still very seldom. Today we interact with everything around us from various location-based apps and we expect the same from digital signage. Sure, there is some fancy integrations out there, but unless they show daily relevance and value to the customers, I am sure the „fanciness“ will fade fast and become irrelevant.

You have been working together with OVAB Europe to support the DBCI and start the survey in Scandinavia. What other projects do you currently pursue?

Larsen: It has been a great experience for me to see the digital signage industry from the outside for almost a year now, and given my vast experience from the industry, I have been working with counselling potential customers in various projects. Currently we are working on a large project within hospitality. We have helped the customer to redefine their customer experience. It is rolling out in this minute and is expected to be finalized during summer.

The DBCI Scandinavia May-June 2015 is to be found here.