Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Digital Signage industry in the GCC region with positive business sentiment

The first issue of the Digital Signage Business Climate Index in the GCC region has registered a positive current business situation and an optimistic outlook for the near future. The index is surveyed by invidis consulting every two months.
2014 10 Dubai Emaar DooH
DBCI 2015 GCC | Emaar DooH installation in Dubai (image: invidis)

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index GCC has been surveyed for the first time in 2015. The index stands at 40,49 base points. The positive outlook of the DBCI reflects the good business sentiment of the Digital Signage industry in the region

The current business situation is rated positive or satisfactory by 81% off the polled companies. The outlook for the next sixth months is even better with 95% of the participants expecting a similarly good, if not even better situation for their products and services.

Due to the drastic drop in the oil price the gulf economies have lost billions of dollars in export revenues. As this scenario is expected to remain for the upcoming future, government financed projects will become more challenging. However, in midterm robust growth in the non-oil sector and major events like Expo 2020 or FIFA Worldcup 2022 drive demand for digital signage.

Further Research

Retail & Shopping Mall is with 16,6% of all digital signage revenues the biggest vertical market. Customer engagement, marketing, wayguiding and ambient installations become more and more common not only in most high-street retailers and shopping malls, but also in small and medium businesses. Important trends are full integration of signage by shop fitters and the high demand for shop window signage.

Education is the second biggest vertical market. The trend towards the digital / paper-less communication in universities and schools is supported by the push for a change from mineral recourse exporting economy to a knowledge economy. This strategic goal has been emphasized by the gulf’s political leaders.

The third most successful target vertical for Digital Signage solutions is the public/government market. Government spending for public projects like infrastructure or tourism are still highly important in the GCC region

You can download the full survey here.

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