Digital Signage Summit MENA

Dubai’s iconic digital and static Retail Design

Dubai’s famous shopping malls feature an abundance of iconic retail design. The invidis site inspection before the Digital Signage Summit MENA presents some noteworthy and most interesting digital signage projects. A tour across many brands store including Adidas, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Sephora to Victoria’s Secret.

The invidis site inspection team visited Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates two days prior to the Digital Signage Summit MENA. We discovered a very creative retail design landscape in both malls with high branding recognition value for the luxury retail brands. For the perfect shopping experience retailers are more and more focusing on the development of shop design. Façade, window display, shop fitting and customer entertainment are main issues here.

In most cases surveyed we discovered some form of digital signage solution integrated into the overall retail design. From small signage over standards single displays to projections video walls and finally large scale LED display installations. The image gallery shows a selection of different installations. Moreover, in some cases digital signage was deliberate not used at all. This solution has its own right in the light of brand design development.

Best of Dubai - Photo Gallery
Best of Dubai – Photo Gallery (Please click at the images)

To hear more about Digital Signage in Dubai and the MENA region attend the Digital Signage Summit MENA on the 16th of November 2015 in the Conrad Hotel near the World Trade Center Dubai.