Digital Signage Summit MENA

The afternoon sessions – „Grabbing attention with dynamic Content and Campaigns“

- The first Digital Signage Summit MENA in Dubai had a great lineup of speaker. The afternoon sessions of the day were clustered around “Grabbing attention with dynamic Content and Campaigns“. von Daniel Russell

DSS MENA 2015 Stewart Caddick 2

DSS MENA 2015 | The finer details of travel retail were explained by Stewart Caddick (photo: Mohamed Najeeb)

The last sessions of the 2015 Digital Signage Summit MENA in Dubai kicked off with the presentation “Dubai Duty Free – excelling Retail – Data driven Campaigns for travel retail” by Stewart Caddick from Connectiv. Stewart ellaborated to the audience how digital signage significantly improves customer experience in the travel retail environment. He exemplified his theses with the Dubai Duty Free case, one of the world’s largest and revenue strongest travel retailer. Multiple digital signage displays as close as possible to the Point of Purchase and integrated access to flight data are the secret of DDF’s success.

Next up was the presentation of Claus Adams from Cheil with the ambitious title “The Future of Retail Marketing”. Claus gave an overview of shopper behavior and how the digital revolution is gaining traction. He presented various cases from around the world showing various intelligent approaches of retail experience (RX).

DSS MENA 2015 s#3

DSS MENA 2015 | The afternoon session – „Grabbing attention with dynamic Content and Campaigns“ – Click to view the Gallery

The last presentation of the day was held by Belgian entrepreneur and digital native Frederik de Wachter from DooHapps. Frederik showed how to turn digital signage into an interactive marketing medium. As interactivity still has a long way to go, now more and more digital signage solutions use the high user activation of interactivity to prove that this is the path of the future.

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