Digital Signage Summit MENA

The lunch session - "Smart Building with digital Guiding and Controlling"

The first Digital Signage Summit MENA in Dubai featured a host of exciting presentations and speakers. The second session of presentations titled “Smart Building with digital Guiding and Controlling” revolved about building automation and way-guiding.
DSS MENA 2015 Arnim Thiele (Gundlach) 1
DSS MENA 2015 | Arnim Thiele from Gundlach Intelligent Solutions explaining the basics of building automation and digital signage (photo: Mohamed Najeeb)

The first speaker was Said al Fanna of ProTech – a subsidiary of the family owned Fanna group and Digital Signage integration specialist. Said presented the latest digital wayguiding system currently in place in the UAE. The System installed at the Abu Dhabi Mall has gone live as recently as July 2015 and runs on dimedis kompass software.

DSS MENA 2015 | DSS MENA 2015 | Lunch session „Smart Building with digital Guiding and Controlling“ – Click to view the Gallery

In the second presentation Alexander Huber from United Entertain GCC gave insights into the history and technology of Glass-free 3D systems. According to United Entertain 3D offers a more immersive and emotional viewing experience. Making it ideal for Digital out of Home advertising solutions.

The final presentation of this session was held by Arnim Thiele of Gundlach Intelligent Solutions. The Germany based integrator gave insights into the complex topic of building automation and the use of digital signage solutions in the digitized building concepts.