invidis Jahreskommentare 2015

BroadSign setzt auf Data Collection und Audience Measurement

Im invidis Jahreskommentar 2015 zeigt Maarten Dollevoet von BroadSign International wie wichtig dynamischer Content und Mobile 2016 für die Digital Signage- und auch Digital-out-of-Home-Branche werden.
Digital Signage-Jahreskommentar 2015: Maarten Dollevoet (Bild: BroadSign International)
Digital Signage-Jahreskommentar 2015: Maarten Dollevoet (Bild: BroadSign International)

Maarten Dollevoet, Regional Sales Director EMEA, BroadSign International:

If 2014 marked the “coming of age” of digital signage, then 2015 was the year where our industry developed an established presence in the media landscape. Emerging features from 2014 were verified and new trends are quickly advancing to dominate 2016.

Last year, I predicted that heavy-duty media players were too feature-heavy for certain networks and demand would grow for those meeting more basic needs in effective and cost-efficient ways. Over the year, sales for the BroadSign Xpress media player climbed from 10,000 to 19,000 units. Prediction confirmed.

I also believed that programmatic media buying and selling would gain a foothold in the DOOH space. Though we are still working out the differences between digital’s 1:1 processes and DOOH’s 1:many nature, no conference would have been complete this year without a session dedicated to the topic.

As everyone prepares for 2016, I would suggest keeping a keen eye on programmatic. The “Wild West” stage will soon be surpassed thanks to a strong emphasis on data collection and audience measurement. BroadSign has already responded to increased demand for camera-based audience measurement through a deeper integration with Quividi and will continue to assist our customers with analytics and reporting.

Speaking of audience, our medium is only as effective as the content played to grab viewer attention. I believe we will see a shift toward increased use of “dynamic content”, generated based on predetermined, data-oriented conditions.

Last but not least, what is already an extension of everyone’s arm is now an extension of DOOH – mobile. The logical and mutually beneficial relationship of mobile and DOOH will become more organic and seamless with new technologies and means of use. Get ready for creative campaigns involving mobile and growing levels of user engagement.

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