OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Digital Signage market with robust business sentiment

The OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) has been polled for the fourth time in the Scandinavian market. With 52,55 points the index shows a positive business sentiment trend in the digital signage and digital out of home industry.

The digital Signage Business Climate Index Scandinavia has decreased for the second time running. It fell by 10,94 base points from 63,48 base points to 52,55 base points. The decline of the index has been definite. However, it sill is well in the positive region of the scale. As over 80% of the market participants are still satisfied or more with their current business situation.

At the same time the optimism towards the near future has seen a clear decline since the last survey. Yet still well over 65% of all polled companies expect a more favourable situation for their products and services in the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home market within the next six months.

Further Research

The market leaders among the distributors in Scandinavia are Also, TD Maverick followed by Atea and Ingram Micro. Between 35% and 75% of the market participants have worked with those competitors.

48% of the DooH market has seen a rise in bookings in the current year. The overall market is expected to register a healthy increase in the number of advertising booked in 2015

About the DBCI

The DBCI or OVAB Europe Digital Signage & DooH Business Climate Index is the leading European early indicator for economic development in the digital signage and digital out of home industry. The DBCI is published bi-monthly. It is based on the responses of the high level management from all relevant companies in the digital signage value chain. The particular importance of the DBCI is forecasting turning points in economic growth. Besides that, additional questions deliver further information about specific topics.

Here the DBCI Scandinavia can be downloaded.