DSF Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Digital Signage industry GCC with increasingly positive business sentiment

The current business situation is rated mostly positive by the polled companies. Over 80% have answered that they are satisfied or very pleased with their situation.
Following some more information on the DSS Las Vegas: Digital Signage Summit event at InfoComm in Las Vegas on the 7th of June is a line extension of our market leading EMEA conference series. DSS Europe was launched 10 years ago and is the leading annual digital signage strategy conference in EMEA with 500 delegates http://digitalsignagesummit.org/europe/ Our audience will be integrators, hard- and software vendors and end customers. The DSS will be part of the InfoComm University educational program. Below I have copied the text from the webpage. “Digital Signage Summit (DSS) launched 10 years ago in Munich (http://digitalsignagesummit.org/europe/). With events in Amsterdam, Munich, Dubai, and Moscow, DSS's case studies, cutting edge technology and best practices have made it a global industry-leading conference on retail digital signage. Now, for the first time, they're coming to the United States. The agenda for DSS 2016 in Las Vegas includes: Digital Signage in Retail/Omni-Channel Omni-channel is a customer-centric approach to sales strategy. Instead of focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of individual marketing channels, omni-channel recognizes that customers toggle rapidly between physical, mobile, web, and other touchpoints – or even use them simultaneously. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of the whole. Incorporating digital signage into an omni-channel strategy improves customer engagement. It also introduces significant complexity. We'll examine the coordination required to deliver a consistent message across platforms; the infrastructure required to create personalized omni-channel experiences; and the design considerations to remove rather than add customer effort. Digital Signage and IoT The expectations of brick-and-mortar retail customers are constantly rising. By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), digital signage can help meet those demands. We'll explore IoT applications for personalized marketing, product curation, multichannel retail, and check-out and payment. You'll learn what it takes to build the infrastructure and create data analytics applications that make IoT digital signage come alive. Digital Signage Best Practices Digital Signage is an interdisciplinary challenge on client's side as well as on the supply side. Designing, installing and operating this technology seems a simple task compared to creating engaging and exciting content concepts. A successful digital signage project needs to continuously reinvent itself. Make your digital signage system a success by mastering best practices for digital signage content. DSS will give you an inside view into some of most successful, stunning and effective digital signage projects in retail. You'll draw inspiration and guidelines for digital signage applications that are worth the investment.”
DBCI GCC March/April 2016 | Very good Outlook (image: invidis)

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