invidis Jahreskommentare 2016

BroadSign macht Sicherheit und Transparenz zum Thema

Maarten Dollevoet von BroadSign spricht im invidis Jahreskommentar 2016 unter anderem über mobile Integration, die mittlerweile zum Standard bei Cross-Channel-Kampagnen gehört.
Digital Signage-Jahreskommentar: Maarten Dollevoet (Bild: BroadSign)
Digital Signage-Jahreskommentar: Maarten Dollevoet (Bild: BroadSign)

Maarten Dollevoet, Vice President, Global Sales, BroadSign International, LLC :

2016 was a year of growth for BroadSign, as we expanded our customer base across geographical markets and verticals, and enabled increasingly sophisticated deployments and campaigns.

Automated digital signage platforms have relegated the playlist-based model as outdated and inefficient, especially for networks increasing their number of screens, converting static to digital inventory and running dynamic campaigns. Mobile integration has also become a standard component to cross-channel audience activation. Viewers are becoming more familiar with the behaviour of using their mobile device to interact with displays – both large and small, to obtain additional information, a discount or engage via social media. As DOOH continues to cement this consumer habit, advertisers and media owners will improve their understanding of attribution and can plan campaigns based on collected mobile data.

Last year, I predicted we would see a shift towards the increased use of dynamic content and indeed, this has become an appealing way to distinguish the power of DOOH from other media. DOOH campaigns playing content generated via data-oriented conditions such as the weather give the audience a relevant, compelling and memorable experience. Data has become invaluable and BroadSign is stressing the importance of making its usage transparent. DOOH media owners and network operators should settle for nothing less than a platform providing accurate proof of performance reports and transparent transactions.

From DOOH’s growth in 2016, I foresee further development in the MENA and Asia markets in 2017, along with a strong, worldwide demand that software providers guarantee security and transparency. BroadSign in particular will continue to enhance our automated BroadSign Core CMS while offering new automated workflows to DOOH sales departments for “programmatic” efficiencies and the ability to attract revenue otherwise spent on other media. We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to demonstrating our new offerings to visitors at Integrated Systems Europe 2017.

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