DSF Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Positive trend in the Digital Signage business sentiment in the Benelux region at the start of the year

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index in Benelux has a strong showing at the beginning of 2017. The index has seen an increase by 14,5 base points from 48,00 points to 62,50 base points.
DBCI Benelux 1st quarter 2017 | Much better current business situation and very good outlook (image: invidis)

Business Sentiment in the Digital Signage Industry reaches new heights. The current demand for digital signage solutions has risen by 1,5% yoy and 30% versus the previous survey.

The excellent business sentiment reflects the general economic situation in the region with solid GDP growth and very stable outlook for 2017. Even the upcoming important elections in the Netherlands, Brexit as well as the election of the trump administration, have not significantly hampered business climate.

We record positive developments in brick and mortar digitalisation, solid expansion in DooH networks and more international projects out of the Benelux market.

New display technologies, strong demand for ESL and other retail based digital signage as well as a combination of consolidation/new market entrees bring new impulses to the market.

The DBCI can be downloaded here.