DSF Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Slightly more conservative business sentiment in Russia

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index in Russia has registered a slight decline at the stat of the new year. The index has decreased by 7,65 base points from 42,30 points to 34,65 base points.
DBCI Russia 1st quarter 2017 | Robust current business situation and rather conservative outlook (image: invidis)

The current business situation is rated satisfactory by a majority of the market participants polled in this survey. Also the outlook towards the near future registered a more conservative expectation for Digital Signage and Digital out of Home products and services within the next six months.

Further Research

50% of all companies in the Digital Signage market in Russia have hired new staff in 2016. In total between 30-40 new jobs were created.

The digital transformation in private and business life is reaponsible for an unbroken positive trend in the IT industry. Overall this has developed into a definite shortage of qualified personal. Companies are more and more concerned, how they can match recruiting with their growth strategy.

The DBCI can be downloaded here.