3rd Munich Digital Signage Conference – Background


Who should attend the conference?

  • Commercial and technical decision makers from the European digital signage industry
  • Marketing experts with special communication needs
  • Specialized agencies for outdoor advertising and media planners
  • Creative agencies

Why should you attend?

Most conferences put success stories and more or less interesting product presentations regarding digital signage on their agenda. At the 3rd Munich Digital Signage Conference we will focus on basic communication needs in diversified markets to impart knowledge about communication needs, market situation and customer needs.
This includes:

  • General market overview
  • Economic key facts
  • Trends & Driver
  • Competitive situation of the customer
  • Competition in the field of digital signage in the specific market
  • Communication needs and processes of the customer

Only with this basic knowledge, the digital signage industry can offer customer digital signage solutions which corresponds exactly to their needs.

Each speaker will be introduces by a 5 minute market snapshot following the above criteria. This snapshot will be handed out to each attendee free of charge!