Program September 18
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 Program September 19
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Program September 18 (Wednesday)

13:00 – 14:30 h
OVAB Europe Annual Membership Meeting

  • Location: Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich, Room: Leonardo da Vinci II
  • For OVAB members only


15:00 – 18:00 h
OVAB Standards Workshop: One year after launch

  • Location: Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich, Room: Leonardo da Vinci II
  • Open for all visitors (without conference ticket)
  • Registration: Christine.koller@invidis.com


15:00 – 18:00 h
Installation Tour Explorer Munich City

  • Location: Munich City
  • Can only be joined WITH conference ticket
  • Registration: http://invidis.de/7th-ovab-digital-signage-conference-munich-tickets/[23]


Program September 19 (Thursday)

10:00 h
[01] Key Note: Borderless Digital Signage – Trends and Drivers in the EMEA Digital Signage / DooH Industry and Outlook 2015
Florian Rotberg / Oliver Schwede (invidis consulting)

trennlinie10.45 h
[02] In the Spotlight: Empowering Africa – Digital Signage in the Savanna
Abdul Bakhrani (SmartScreen) / Florian Rotberg (invidis consulting)

  • Abdul Bakhrani is CEO of SmartScreen and Operator of various digital signage networks across Middle East and Africa. He founded various enterprises to connect rural areas in Africa to modern communication, power and surprisingly digital signage. He even started a mobile-based micro payment system, which he developed to a successful revenue stream fueling digital signage.


11.15 h
[03] OVAB Europe DooH Panel – DooH in a changing Media Landscape
Dr. Kai-Marcus Thäsler (Infoscreen) / Christian Vaglio-Giors (Neo Advertising SA) / Dirk Hülsermann (OVAB / VUKUNET) / Winfried Karst (Amscreen Group)

  • The OVAB Europe DooH Panel discusses the future of DooH and the role of video content in the current and future media landscape. Which strategies will be successful, what will be the role of booking/adserving platforms and how important are standardized audience measurement and standards?
  • The panel will be moderated by Dr. Frank Goldberg (Smart TV) and Florian Rotberg (invidis consulting)


12:45 – 13.30 h
Guided Tour Airport Munich

  • Location: Munich Airport
  • Can only be joined WITH conference ticket
  • Registration: http://invidis.de/7th-ovab-digital-signage-conference-munich-tickets/[23]


13:30 h (Track 1)
[04] Future technologies– impacts on Digital Signage and DooH
Markus Deserno (Seen Media)

  • Markus Deserno (Managing Director of Seen Media) will take a look at future technologies and how they will influence digital signage projects, interface with third party applications and the role of systems integrators.


13.30 h (Track 2)
[05] Augmented Reality as part of multiplatform concepts
Gülcan Ucbek (Metaio)

  • Retailers like Lego or IKEA have integrated Augmented Reality (AR) applications in their multiplatform instore concepts. Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio, will show how companies increase their brand value and make using digital content a more natural experience with AR.


14:00 h (Track 1)
[07] How to grow audience activity and stimulate loyality programs in shopping malls with interactive Digital Signage
Dieter Sawatzki (SawatzkiMühlenbruch) / Patrick Schröder (dimedis) / Florian Zimmermann (mfi)

  • dimedis and SawatzkiMühlenbruch have equipped shopping center across Germany with their software solution kompas. Special to the project was the integration of coupon solutions in the totems (scanner, printer) as well as the combination of digital signage and interactive kiosk system with way-guiding system.


14:00 h (Track 2)
[08] Creative Solutions for individual needs – a showcase of new „trends“ to reach the audience – from transparent display to augmented reality games – a modern outlook for technology and new solutions
Fabian Dittmann (Capture Media)

  • capture mm, a full service agency specialized on creates 3D visualisations for digital signage projects. For companies like ECE (Europe’s largest shopping center operator), US-based 3M or Samsung capture mm produces audiovisual content, professional presentations, video wall setups, multitouch applications or broadcast graphics. Fabian has his team of more than 30 inhouse designer are specialized in creating dedicated content for transparent displays which premiered at the ISE with  Nivea packaging design.


14.30 h (Track 1)
[10] Beyond Bezels – an innovative approach to multi display solutions with DaaS
Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI) / Agents and Simulated Reality (ASR))

  • Imagine pixel transport with no video cables, no limitations, and no distortion! DaaS – Display as a Service – transforms an unlimited number of individual monitors into a virtual display or a gigantic display wall. With DaaS the DFKI developers have made dedicated video cable connections, plug adapters for today’s diverse interfaces and, above all, the expensive graphic splitters and video switchers obsolete – simply to be replaced by a small piece of software.


14.30 h (Track 2)
[11] Digital Signage: Targeting, Interactivity and Privacy Implications   
Stephan Zimprich (Field Fisher Waterhouse)

  • Privacy and media legislation topics are becoming more and more important for Digital Signage and Digital out of Home. Especially collecting of data through interactions with customers (e.g. Near-Field-Communication, face recognition, kiosk screens) will lead to specific privacy issues.
  • Dr. Philipp Plog is a partner in the Hamburg office of Field Fisher Waterhouse. He has specialized in the fields of electronic communications and technology driven media. Philipp is listed as recommended lawyer in the media and entertainment sector of Juve 2012 (the German equivalent of Chambers). Philipp represents his clients, primarily media companies, aggregators and distributors, in the defense, distribution and licensing of their content and business models. He advises companies in the media, gaming and film industries.Philipp Plog is the author of „Hamburger commentary on the entire media law“ (Nomos, 2nd edition, 2011) and author of numerous publications, most recently in „Computers and Law“, „Communication and Law“, „Copyright World“ and „Trademark World“.


14:30 h (Track 3)
[12] Project Report: Oslo Central Station – Planning and Installation of one of Europes largest Semi-Outdoor Videowalls
Alexander Miskiw (Global Display Solutions)

  • Italian outdoor display specialist GDS planned and installed one of Europe’s largest semi-outdoor videowall  at Oslo Central Station with 100 displays. The 60m² videowall replaced an outdated departure board. Alexander will present how GDS tested the complex free hanging metal construction on site in Norway in front of the final installation and which planning has been made upfront.


15:00 (Track 1)
[13] invidis Panel: Digital Signage – Convincing small- and medium businesses (in German)
Tobias Nagel (ALSO) / Joachim Wieczorek (Samsung) / Bernd Brencher (Brencher Systemgastronomie)

  • This Roundtable will discuss amongst other topics if there is a solid business case for digital signage in small shops and which potentials digital signage can have for IT / AV resellers and system integrators.


15:00 h (Track 2)
[14] Leafengine – Context Aware Signage: The new Digital Signage Middleware
Thorsten Wilm (NEC)

  • Sensor usage combined with digital signage seems not the first thought getting into the future development of the digital signage industry. Considering the broad usage of sensors, overall trends and relevant tendencies in technology development a closer look is taken at the leafengine, the digital signage middleware enabling context aware signage.


15:00 h (Track 3)
[15] Alpine DooH – Advertising at the Point of Pleasure
Dr. Ferdinand Hager (Feratel)

  • Austrian Sitour and its Partners markets the largest advertising network in the Alps. Digital Advertising media are an important part of the network. Feratel provides Mountain Wall, Digital Signage Panorama Systems and Digital Signage Banner Systems, Sitour markets the air-conditioned LCD and LED walls.


16:15 h
[16] OVAB Europe Retail Panel – The Role of Digital Signage in a Multi Channel Retail World
Alan Kaufman (Dynascan) / Florian Zimmermann (mfi) / Roland Grassberger (Grassfish) / Dirk Kiefer (didas)
Moderation: Oliver Schwede (invidis consulting) / Willy Knoke (SEEN MEDIA)

  • Topics of this Panel will be the impact of multi-channel strategies and the role of digital signage in cross-platform strategies. The Panel will also discuss the topics Big Data / Analytics, Customer Journey, Shopping Experience, and Click & Collect.


17:15 h
[17] OVAB Europe Digital Signage Panel – Outlook 2015: Europe’s Digital Signage Markets between Breakthrough and Consolidation
Brian Dusho (DPAA / Broadsign) / Mariusz Orzechowski (PDSA / NEC) / Vladimir Kozlov (Digisky) / Tom Nix (Scala)
Moderation: Oliver Schwede (invidis consulting)

  • This panel will discuss the position of digital signage in different markets (Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Europe, USA). How is the the situation and the role of emerging markets in the future? How will digital signage develope in the coming years?

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