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Flormar Cosmetics

The flormar cosmetics retailer in the main Amsterdam shopping street Kalverstraat employs several well placed digital signage solutions. On the corner of the building two high and narrow LED boards are installed, covering two stories. The content is basic animated forms and colors pared with image and marketing slogans. The shop windows next to the entrance are dominated by two large totems. The black metal housing is very thick and catches the eye. With their 75" width, the displays have a rather impressive size, however the content in spite of its good quality is almost static and lacks every dynamic to engage the customer.

Inside of the store four 32” displays are mounted approximately head high over the exhibition space Here the content is very dynamic and additionally supported by music. The loop consists of image and branding videos.

Overall the digital signage concept follows the standard for a cosmetics discounter with many digital elements, dark or black ex- and interior and very bright colors used by the digital and analogue displays and posters. Only the content of the 75” shop window displays could be more dynamic to complete an already very compelling and good installation.

Source: invidis

Source: invidis

Facts & Figures

Industry Retail - Perfumeries & Drugstores
Number of branches98
Branch Flormar Cosmetics
Type of branch Regular Branch
Address Kalverstraat 138
1012XD Amsterdam
Number of displays 8


Image & Branding Displays

Type of installation Standard
Fitting On wall mounting
Shop window
PoV situation High dwell time
Passage Situation
Active Shopping
DisplayNumber: 8
Height: 32"; 75" (estimated)
Typ: LED
Display supplier not specified
Display features not specified
Project partner not specified
Content Image movies
Logging25. March 2015
Checked by invidis Yes

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