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Dubai International Financial Centre

Elevision Media revives Digital Out of Home Space in the DIFC

Elevision, a Dubai-based digital-screen media company that owns and manages a network of DooH screens inside residential and commercial properties, has diversified its portfolio with the launch of a new outdoor LED screen for the DIFC.

Elevision installed the LED screen - a total of 96 meters long and 1.3 meters high - making it the longest DOOH space in the Middle East, highly visible from multiple points of entry into the DIFC.

The installation will display current strock prices for listed companies on the Nasdaq Dubai, updated continuously throughout the day’s trading session. The market-data will be supplemented by DIFC branded content and is open to DooH advertisment targeting the finance industry.

The LED screen was launched during the bell ringing ceremony for the Emirates Reit IPO, the first on the Nasdaq Dubai for five years.

The new platform will complement the Elevision portfolio that includes DOOH media inside 75 towers across prime real estate in Dubai. Similar to the DIFC LED screen, advertisers can update their content and marketing messages in real-time across Elevision’s network of over 335 digital platforms.

Source: DIFC


Facts & Figures

Company Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Industry Corporate - Communication
Number of branches / with
Digital Signage
1 / 1
Branch Dubai International Financial Centre
Type of branch Flagship Store
Address 312th Rd
Number of displays 0



Type of installation Non-standard
Fitting Outdoor
PoV situation High dwell time
DisplayHeight: 96 m
Typ: LED
Display supplier not specified
Display features not specified
Project partner not specified
Content 3rd party Advertising
Service Information
Logging / Update07. May 2014 / 07. May 2014
Checked by invidis No

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