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Kazan Arena

The Russian city Kazan is going to be one of the host cities for the FIFA World Cup 2018 and opened a new football stadium with a huge LED facade. The new football stadium offers space for 45.105 spectators. It is the new home of the Russian premier league club Rubin Kazan. Highlight is the 3622 square meter big LED facade which was installed in June 2013.
Outside big sport events the Kazan Arena area is marketed by the Moscow digital signage provider Rasvero.

LED facades are very popular in Russia.
More and more developers integrate big LED elements in public buildings like shopping centers, event arenas and company headquarters.
In contrast to the architecture LED based digital signage advertising space is reduced.
After the fall of communism countless LED advertising spaces were placed on the street or on listed buildings in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Facts & Figures

Company Kazan Arena
Industry Leisure - Sports Arenas
Number of branches / with
Digital Signage
1 / 1
Branch Kazan Arena
Type of branch Flagship Store
Address Chistopolskaya St.
421001 Kazan
Number of displays 1


LED Facade

Type of installation Standard
Fitting Integrating in walls
PoV situation High dwell time
Passage Situation
DisplayNumber: 1
Height: 3622 m²
Orientation: Landscape
Typ: LED
Display supplier not specified
Display features not specified
Project partner Rasvero (DooH - Marketers)
Content Product Advertising
3rd party Advertising
Logging21. February 2015
Checked by invidis No

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