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Nespresso London

The Nespresso brick and mortar store concept is based on the flagship store concept. These stores can only be found in the major cities and there in the primary shopping streets. They are called Boutiques by Nespresso. The concept is that the customer has an engaging experience that will animate him to increase his stay in the shop. The digital signage installations in the Nespresso boutiques follow this principle which can be viewed very well in the Regent Street outlet. There are different smaller single displays (32”) spread over the whole shop. All are directly integrated in the shop furnishing and are showing a standardized content loop with mostly branding content. In the round bar or coffee testing area a very large LED board is installed from floor to ceiling which follows the round curve of the room. As content high definition product and image videos in slow motion and macro perspective are shown. The room is quite small therefore the content is even more impressive. The technical integration as well as the content for this digital signage solution is very good. Only the single displays are with 32” fairly small and not up to date concerning the size. A replacement with 46” or 55” would be a good solution.


Facts & Figures

Industry Hospitality - Coffee Shop
Retail - Food/Beverages
Number of branches
Branch Nespresso London
Type of branch Flagship Store
Address Regent Street 54
W1B London
Number of displays 10


Nespresso London

Type of installation Standard
Fitting Integrating in furniture
PoV situation Active Shopping
DisplayNumber: 10
Height: 32'' (estimated)
Format: 16:9
Orientation: Landscape & Portrait
Typ: Professional Display
Display supplier not specified
Display features not specified
Project partner not specified
Content Image movies
Product Advertising
Logging19. January 2015
Checked by invidis Yes

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