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Simply Be

The plus size brands Simply Be and Jacamo are sharing this high street concept store at Oxford Street. The shop has various digital signage installations. First, right next to the entrance a media wall with digital and analogue displays in different sizes and formats covers the whole wall over two stories. Six displays from 32” to 55” and backlight posters are unevenly scattered over the wall.
The content is only still images from the current collection. The other noteworthy digital signage installations are three video walls with 2x2 displays (46”). One is placed on top of the stairwell to the first floor and the other two are behind the casher counter on the ground level and first floor. All three show a mix of still images and videos promoting the current product line as well as new offers and events.
Moreover, three tablets on special stands are running in the lounge near the fitting rooms and the customers can browse through it while waiting for a free booth. Technically all installations are very well integrated in the overall shop concept.
However, a more dynamic content would even more enhance the quality of this digital signage solution.


Facts & Figures

Company J D Williams & Company Limited
Industry Retail - Fashion Apparel
Retail - Fashion Accessories
Retail - Fashion Shoes
Number of branches
Branch Simply Be
Type of branch Regular Branch
Address Oxford Street 138-140
W1D 1LY London
Number of displays 18


Simply Be / Jacomo

Type of installation Standard
Fitting On wall mounting
PoV situation Active Shopping
DisplayNumber: 18
Number Videowalls: 3
Videowall: 2 x 2
Height: 32"-55" / 46" (estimated)
Format: 16:9
Orientation: Landscape & Portrait
Typ: Professional Display
Display supplier not specified
Display features not specified
Project partner not specified
Content Image movies
Product Advertising
Service Information
Logging18. November 2014
Checked by invidis Yes

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