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KENZO Shanghai

When two new KENZO creative directors joined forces, their goal was to revive the brand's youthful presence portrayed online into its retail establishments. The vast majority of KENZO's customers are under forty and primarily like to browse and purchase products online and share information with friends using their smartphones or tablets. Realizing this, KENZO ambitiously wanted to transform its retail stores into a shopping environment that would appeal to its online shoppers by offering them a similar interactive experience. In essence, KENZO wanted the retail store to serve as another vital media outlet, rather than simply a static storefront that housed its merchandise.

For a site to launch this new model, KENZO chose Shanghai's L'avenue mall, a very unique mall that was the ideal place to introduce its new concept retail store. However, KENZO needed to find the right company to pull their vision together into one cohesive brand image. It chose Samsung for its expertise in the retail industry.

Samsung VideoWalls were installed at the Shanghai's L'avenue mall store to display stunning visuals of KENZO products. The displays' superb picture quality, sleek design and ultra-narrow bezels add to the store's upscale ambiance while delighting shoppers with immersive video animations and pictures. Constantly moving and changing images grab shoppers' attention and engage them with the brand. Crisp, clear, high-definition (HD) images not only show the garment textures in fine detail, they deliver the brand's spirit of innovation and fun fashions into the store environment, previously unobtainable. Plus, the integrated content management solution included with the displays is easy to use.

In addition, Samsung tablets Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3, equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, help staff provide personalized attention by giving customers the ability to browse e-catalogs and select merchandise that may not be on hand. Retailers can easily change and update content as needed. If they choose, customers can even use their own Samsung mobile phones to scan an item and find the product information themselves. These state-of-the-art digital aids bring the online shopping experience directly into the physical store.

Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung

Facts & Figures

Company KENZO
Industry Retail - Fashion Apparel
Number of branches
Branch KENZO Shanghai
Type of branch Regular Branch
Address Shop 208, 2F, L'avenue No.99, Xianxia Road, Changning District
200051 Shanghai
Number of displays 12



Type of installation Standard
Fitting Stand
PoV situation Active Shopping
DisplayNumber: 12
Number Videowalls: 1
Videowall: 3 x 4
Height: 46"
Format: 16:9
Orientation: Portrait
Typ: Professional Display
Display supplier Samsung
Display features UD46C
Project partner not specified
Content Image movies
Product Advertising
Logging22. January 2015
Checked by invidis No

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