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Royal Delft Store Amsterdam

The Royal Delft Shop situated in the historic Clock Tower building in Amsterdam has an interesting Digital Signage solution. One old entrance has been reused as a digitized shop window. The 4x4 video wall uses 55” LG high brightness displays and covers the whole window. The first impression is very good. However, the displays in use have a rather thick bezl and the Window frames are additionally obscuring the free sight on the video wall. The content is mainly still images with basic animated fading – probably Power Point. The quality of the images is good, but again, some minor investments in a compelling - maybe slightly animated - content would make sense. The overall impression is good.

Source: invidis

Facts & Figures

Company Royal Delft
Industry Retail - Home Furnishing
Number of branches
Branch Royal Delft Store Amsterdam
Type of branch Flagship Store
Address Munttoren, Muntplein 12
1012 WR Amsterdam
Number of displays 8



Type of installation Standard
Fitting Shop window
PoV situation Passage Situation
DisplayNumber: 8
Number Videowalls: 1
Videowall: 4 x 4
Height: 55“ (estimated)
Format: 16:9
Orientation: Portrait
Typ: Professional Display
Display supplier LG
Display features Videowall
Project partner not specified
Content Image movies
Logging31. March 2015
Checked by invidis Yes

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