DiSCO 2012 – Terms and conditions of registration and sale

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Terms and conditions of registration and sale

The registration on this Website is processed by invidis consulting GmbH.

invidis consulting GmbH can be contacted here: invidis consulting GmbH, Christine Koller, Rosenheimerstr. 145e Munich, Germany, T: +49 (89) 2000 416 17, F: +49 (89) 2000 416 18

Your contract for purchases made through this Website is with invidis consulting GmbH and will be in the English Language.

You agree that e-mail can be used as a long-distance means of communication.

No contract for the sale will subsist between you and invidis consulting GmbH unless and until invidis consulting GmbH acknowledges your order by way of an e-mail containing the acceptance of your offer to buy conference registration from invidis consulting GmbH. That acceptance will be deemed complete and will be deemed for all purposes to have been effectively communicated to you at the time invidis consulting GmbH sends the e-mail to you, whether or not you receive that e-mail.

The confirmatory e-mail will contain all relevant statutory information concerning your contract.

The confirmatory e-mail will contain a link to these Terms and Conditions, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with paragraph aa below.

You are advised to check that the details on the confirmatory e-mail are correct as soon as possible, print it and keep a copy of it.

The (personal) data you provided will be processed in an appropriate and careful manner. In addition, these data can be provided by invidis consulting GmbH to third parties, in order to inform you about any products and services that may be relevant to you. Objections to making your personal details available to third parties can be registered by sending an e-mail to christine.koller@invidis-consulting.de, ensuring that you quote your name, address and your registration reference code.

You should undertake that all details you provide to invidis consulting GmbH for the purpose of ordering services are correct, that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the services ordered.

If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to inform invidis consulting GmbH as soon as possible.

Your statutory rights are not affected (in particular see below as to your rights to withdraw from the contract) but otherwise all purchases are non-exchangeable, and non-transferable.

You may cancel your order within seven days after placing the order unless within those seven days the event has started. You can cancel your order by sending the notice of cancellation by e-mail to christine.koller@invidis-consulting.de, or fax to +49 (89)2000 416 18 ensuring that you quote your name, address and your registration reference code.

This Liability section applies only to the extent permitted by law. invidis consulting GmbH do not exclude or limit any liability for (a) personal injury (including sickness and death) where such injury results from invidis consulting GmbH negligence or wilful default, or that of invidis consulting GmbH employees, agents or subcontractors or (b) fraudulent misrepresentation.

invidis consulting GmbH do not accept liability for any errors and omissions and reserve the right to change information, specifications and descriptions of listed services.

invidis consulting GmbH will endeavour to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after having been notified.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, invidis consulting GmbH are providing this Website and its contents on an „as is“ basis and makes no (and expressly disclaims all) representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to this Website or the information content in this site, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In addition, invidis consulting GmbH do not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this Website is accurate, complete or current.

invidis consulting GmbH do not accept liability for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of data, loss of income or profit, loss of damage to property and/or loss from claims of third parties arising out of the use of the invidis consulting GmbH Website or for any services purchased from invidis consulting GmbH.

It is a crime to use a false name or a known invalid credit card to place an order. Anyone caught wilfully entering an erroneous or fictitious order will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. invidis consulting GmbH tracks the electronic ‚fingerprints‘ of every order placed on the invidis consulting GmbH Website to enable invidis consulting GmbH and all legitimate crime prevention and prosecution authorities to trace individual users engaging in criminal activities on the invidis consulting GmbH Website.

invidis consulting GmbH may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, and place the new version on the Website. When invidis consulting GmbH does so, invidis consulting GmbH will mention the fact on the DiSCO Website (http://www.disco-europe.org). All purchases from the date that the amended terms are placed on the disco-europe.org Website onwards will be governed by those new terms.

aa. These Terms and Conditions shall apply when invidis consulting GmbH accepts your order by e-mail. They shall supersede any and all other conditions, understandings, commitments, agreements or representations (except fraudulent misrepresentations) relating to your purchase, whether oral or in writing, and contain the entire agreement between invidis consulting GmbH and you relating to your purchase. invidis consulting GmbH advises that you print these Terms and Conditions and keep safe a copy once your order has been accepted by invidis consulting GmbH.

bb. You are advised to read (and are responsible for reading) all information on this Website fully.

cc. If any of these terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable, those terms will be struck out and the other terms will remain.

dd. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Use of personal information
ee. By knowing a little about you, invidis consulting GmbH is able to deliver more relevant content and advertisements, and hence a better service, to you. invidis consulting GmbH goal in collecting personal information is to provide you, the user, with the most intuitive Web experience possible. In addition, we provide our advertisers with an efficient means to reach the right audience.

ff. invidis consulting GmbH and selected partners may send you information about our various products and services, or other products and services. You can remove yourself from any distribution list via a link in the communication. Only invidis consulting GmbH and its partners (or agents working on behalf of invidis consulting GmbH and its partners under confidentiality agreements) will send you these direct mailings.