Brian Dusho – OVAB US (US)

Brian Dusho is responsible for company strategy, marketing, global sales organization and all business development activities. Brian is an active member the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB), OVAB Europe and Canadian Out of Home Digital Association (CODA). He is involved in the thought leadership process aimed at establishing best practices and shaping future standards for the digital out-of-home (digital signage) media. Brian is regularly invited to speak at industry events.

Brian has a 12-year track record of success in the audiovisual, control center and broadcast integration markets. He occupied executive positions in sales and marketing at Intellisys Group, Miami Computer Supply Inc. (NASDAQ: MCSC) and served as President and Chief Operating Officer at Hoffman Video. Prior to joining BroadSign, Brian co-founded a company named 1-800-AV-NATION that specialized in consulting on large digital out of home deployment projects in North America and covered a network of 500 locations serviced by 8,000 technicians. Brian has a BA from Kent State University.

BroadSign is an Associate Member of OVAB US and its specialists are members of OVAB’s Research and Standards Committee and Media Operations Committee.

Presentation title: The DOOH Screens are There, What Next? – The Obstacles to Going Mainstream

Both in the US and in Europe, proliferation of new networks of all sizes and expansion of existing networks has been unstoppable even throughout the recession. The economic crisis helped weed out weak business models and reinforced the viable ones; a lot of networks got acquired or merged, some went out of business. The current overall quantity of installed screens is technically capable of delivering the high-quality targetable mass audience that DOOH has been promising to advertisers.

Several media companies are now offering aggregation services: they pull together ad space from disparate networks and sell it in more convenient packages. However, media buyers are still complaining that DOOH is hard to plan, buy and measure, and therefore are trying to avoid it. Brian Dusho is offering insights on where the industry will go from here.

“The paradox of current digital OOH aggregation services is that behind the scenes coordination of multi-network buys is still manual. Until the technology makes cross-network campaigns automated, DOOH media buys will not be scalable beyond a modest number of networks. Lack of automation to a large extent defeats the purpose of media aggregation.”