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invidis DooH yearbook 2014/15

The magazine about Digital-out-of-Home systems

„Which DooH networks are there in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?“ „Who markets which network?“ „Who are the most important players on the market?“

The invidis DooH yearbook 2014/15 gives the answers to these questions. It will be published in September, recently the advertising sales are running.

The invidis DooH yearbook is an independent market overview about digital out-of-home installations – with in detail written reports and background information. Every German speaking digital advertisement network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were captured by invidis. After that the network details are listed in rankings to range, categories and countries. With a print run of 3.000 copies, the yearbook is distributed at a lot of events.

The magazine can be downloaded for free in September.

Content of invidis DooH yearbook 2014/15:

  • General overview about the digital out-of-home market
  • Outlook 2014 / 2015
  • Media Owner
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • The digital out-of-home market in Germany
  • The digital out-of-home market in Austria
  • The digital out-of-home market in Switzerland
  • OVAB standards

The invidis DooH yearbook will be published at the OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich (17th/18th of September).

Contact for advertisments, corporate presentations as well as network and marketers entries:
Christine Koller,