MultiQ – Case Stories

Retail Solutions

MultiQ has a wealth of experience in providing monitors for use in retail. The products have been developed and refined over many years to give customers what they need – smooth functioning, long lasting, branded monitors at their cash desks.

With the new generation products MultiQ Digital Signage solutions give brand owners a unique opportunity to persuade customers to choose their brand at the critical moment. The screens’ message and content can be updated locally or centrally and from any location, via a user-friendly web-based interface. Read more

Apoteket AB

The Apoteker chain of chemists issued an invitation to tender for monitors in 1998. The tender involved 115 criteria, with the emphasis on areas such as the environment and ergonomics. Of eleven suppliers, MultiQ best met the requirements, and one year later the rollout started.

In 2006 a new tender process came along, and here too MultiQ was chosen. A low total cost and long useful life were two of the reasons. Now a total of 900 chemists have screens from MultiQ.

“MultiQ came first in our evaluation in 1998, and won our vote again in 2006. For us it’s important that the solutions are future proof, so that we can retain the same design for several years as we add on or expand,“ says Bert-Inge Lundh, Infrastructure Manager at Apoteket AB

Clas Olsson: Multi-channel solution guides customers

The hardware store, Clas Ohlson, used its existing e-commerce site as basis for a new, multi-channel solution that helps customers find what they’re looking for in the store itself.

The new solution is an interactive kiosk which carries the same content as the usual site, but each store has its own unique template. Instead of browsing around the store, shoppers can search for products, identify their exact position and print out a list to take with them when they go and collect the goods. Read more

Each kiosk has between 20 and 40 unique users per day – between 5% and 10% of all visitors.

“By reusing our e-commerce solution, we leveraged that investment, saved time and facilitate the flow of information. When we publish new product information, it automatically goes into both our e-commerce site and store guides.” Magnus Söderberg, IT Manager, Clas Ohlson