MultiQ – Vertical Solutions

MultiQ Digital Signage

Take advantage of the most dynamic, modern media to attract and inform your visitors. Digital Signage makes it possible to engage with audiences in public spaces like never before. Involving constantly changing, interactive and locally adapted displays, it makes your communication with customers both exciting and dynamic. It also gives you a practical and resource-efficient way of getting your company’s information or advertising messages out to a broad audience

Gaming Solutions

Sweden’s largest gaming company, Svenska Spel, started to install a MultiQ Digital signage system in 2007. They, like other gaming companies, can now take advantage of digital signage to update lots of details simultaneously at a string different locations. Read more

Retail Solutions

MultiQ signed an agreement with IKEA in July 2002 for the delivery of approximately 5000 monitors over a three-year period. By the end of 2003 MultiQ had already delivered more then the 5000 in the original agreement – and the deliveries continue.

Education Solutions

In high schools and universities, MultiQ Digital signage systems can guide students to the right lecture halls, effortlessly handling every last change of plan. In museums, they add a dynamic, modern element that can bring your exhibition to life. Read more

Industrial Solutions

In industrial settings, where employees do not typically work at a PC, Digital signage solutions are great for providing corporate information or staff training. This is also the case of Jensen Sweden AB. Read more