DiSCO fever returns to ISE

Digital signage has been around for a while: but, within the wider context of communicating with potential customers, it is still relatively immature. There is still plenty to learn, and it’s that notion that sees DiSCO – the Digital Signage Conference return to ISE.

A joint venture between ISE, its signage industry partner Invidis Consulting and the trade association OVAB Europe, DiSCO will, as it did in 2011, take place the day prior to ISE.

The DiSCO conference is all about the big picture and will provide lots of information. Some of it will be technical, while other presentations will be purely related to business models. Attendees will get an overview about the possibilities – but, what is more important is that they have the opportunity to discuss this with people who have already accomplished digital signage projects, or with the companies who provide the tools for it. Networking is an absolutely essential part of the conference, and can deliver far more value than just reading whitepapers or articles. For the complete agenda please visit: DiSCO