Mermaid organises inspirational conference

For the second time Mermaid A/S organises an inspirational conference for its customers at Bella Sky Copenhagen at 2nd of November 2011.

In cooperation with OVAB Europe, Mermaid wishes to elaborate on its perception of contemporary development within the digital signage industry.

Alongside Mermaid’s Marketing Director Nico Colijn, Janice Jose, Director for Business Development for the Nordics at Never.no, will discuss the convergence between digital signage and social media in the retail and transport sectors.

The event will also feature two of Mermaid’s customers; TDC and Arriva, both currently in the process of a large digital signage roll-out.

During a breakout session for retail and transport, respectively, Anders P. Gantzhorn, Director of Strategy and Business Development at TDC and Jan Crone, Business Developer at Arriva, will elaborate upon the utility and relevance of their digital signage implementations.

Furthermore, the conference will include a presentation and demonstration of the communicative capacity of several digital signage solutions created by Mermaid in terms of functionality and content.