Financial Stability

Mermaid receives AA-rating

During 2011 Mermaid has extended the range of business partners in all four of our business areas (transport, the corporate and service sector, retail and the public sector. Furthermore, the company has been rewarded the double A-rating for its financial stability.

The AA-rating is given by ‘Soliditet’, the largest supplier of credit and business information in the Nordic countries that uses the most acknowledged credit rating system in Scandinavia.
The financial valuation of Mermaid demonstrates the success of our business strategy, and proves Mermaid to be a reliable partner, both for our customers and for potential acquirees, all the while the global business world is still characterised by financial uncertainty.

Mermaid has extended its business relationship with The Arriva Group – the main operator of buses and trains in Denmark and a key player on the European scene. The new contract involves the implementation of Mermaid’s ‘Integrated Bus Information System’ (IBI). The system provides service and information messages for both driver and passengers, and will help Arriva decrease its operating costs. Mermaid will operate and serve approximately three hundred buses for Arriva in Copenhagen by the 1st of April 2012.

LEGO has signed a five-year deal with Mermaid who now become an exclusive supplier of digital signage solutions at the LEGOLAND theme park in Billund/Denmark – both indoors and outdoors. The first phase of the implementation process will be completed before the opening of the 2012 season (31st of March).

Skousen has signed Mermaid to produce the content of its national TV commercials for the next three years. Due to Mermaid’s experience and know-how within the production of retail commercials, the company is considered capable of recognising and reinforcing Skousen’s high level of brand awareness. The agreement signed also defines Mermaid as the key partner in Skousen’s new instore TV strategy, in which all of Skousen’s 38 shops will be involved.

Finally, Mermaid is involved in a project in which the townscape of Albertslund/Copenhagen will become digitised. Mermaid will thus provide a unique communication platform to increase the level of communication and information directed at citizens. Five 42” screens will provide citizens with information such as general news, local politics, association activities and local advertisements. The screens will be located in places with lots of people traffic. For this public sector project, Mermaid is set to provide hardware and software. Additionally, Mermaid will manage all operating services for the next three years.