Amscreen acquires Digicom

Amscreen announced that it has acquired the entire sales and marketing operation of Digicom, the digital out-of-home sales specialist founded two years ago by Tom Goddard, who now becomes deputy chairman and shareholder of Amscreen and will support Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar in the key areas of media sales and development.

According to Amscreen, the move is part of the company’s strategic plan to accelerate its U.K. growth and provide a solid platform for expansion of its digital signage network into Europe. It comes as Amscreen expands its gas pump network overseas with a recently announced deal with BP Europe that is expected to see its viewing audience initially increase to 40 million a week.

In just two years, Amscreen said it has developed successful digital signage networks in major gas pump, convenience, travel and health environments. Amscreen has worked alongside Digicom as its exclusive sales partner during the expansion of its network, which currently broadcasts on more than 3,000 screens nationwide to a U.K. audience of 25 million a week, according to the company.
Neo Advertising’s Networks show Champions League in Spain

Neo Advertising shows Champions League
Spanish pay TV channel Gol T will soon start broadcasting football matches from both the Champions’ League and from La Liga (the Spanish National League) on digital signage networks in motorway service stations and in shopping centres.

At the moment, sixteen service stations from the Areas Group, which welcome 1.2 million people per month, are involved in the operation. They each feature a pair of 46” screens side -by-side: the screen on the left will show the game; that on the right will show advertising. Outside of match times, the screen on the left will show regular infotainment content. A similar system will be installed in the food courts of the shopping centres run by Jones Lang LaSalle. All of these installations will be fitted with an audience measurement solution from TruMedia. The projects are operated by Neo Advertising, along with Digital DS Screens. Neo is also in charge of ad-sales.