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Ströer acquires ECE flatmedia

The Ströer Group is enlarging its digital outdoor advertising portfolio to include shopping centers. With the acquisition of ECE flatmedia GmbH, an ECE subsidiary and leading provider of digital brand communication and sales promotion in malls, Ströer enhances its commitment in the field of the moving images market.

„We are currently seeing digitalization reshape the market: instead of thinking in terms of TV, print, online and poster advertising, we will soon be talking about static images and moving images in buildings or outdoors. Yet, from my point of view the screens are no out-of-home advertising: I regard them as the third column in the moving images market besides TV and Internet. With ECE’s screens we will reach further target groups such as consumers with cars and we will be closer to the point of sale. Complementing our new digital screens at Germany’s major train stations and the screens in the largest shopping centers will give us coverage well in excess of 25 percent,“ explains Udo Müller, CEO of Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG.

According to market research company GfK, the approximately 1,000 flat screens of ECE flatmedia in the aisles and passages of 50 shopping centers in Germany already reach around 10 million people per week. Ströer will enhance the portfolio of advertising spots and information, combining it with its expertise in digital advertising concepts in Munich, where all service offerings on digital Ströer advertising media are coordinated and centrally operated.

„We have successfully done pioneer work in an entirely new market for three and a half years. Currently, regarding the strong growth of digital advertising, we were facing the strategic decision, whether we want to participate with ECE flatmedia also in the market outside shopping centers“, says Henrie W. Kötter, Managing Director Center Management of ECE. „I am happy, that our engagement is paying off and that new perspectives open up by the cooperation with Ströer AG.“