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Ströer Infoscreen becomes Ströer Digital

Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG has set up a new segment that bundles all of the Group's digital know-know: Ströer Infoscreen GmbH has been transformed into Ströer Digital Media GmbH.

Over the past few years, Ströer Infoscreen has seen impressive growth to become synonymous with digital out-of-home advertising. Its development started with the launch of infoscreens at metro and local train stations, progressed to ad walks at airports, and it expanded to include the new Out-of-Home-Channel. Today, all of Ströer’s Digital advertising media are centrally managed by the Group’s Munich office. This will from now on be reflected in the name of the new company, while the Infoscreen name will be retained as a product brand.

„This step will enable us to further expand our position in the German advertising market“, said Dirk Wiedenmann, Member of the Management Board and responsible for Ströer Group’s German business. „We fully believe that the future of out-of-home advertising will also be digital, and we will seize our opportunities for growth in this field. Ströer Digital’s products are part of the key projects that Ströer Group will pursue in the coming years and deliver growth potential for our Group.“