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More powerful and more user friendly

- One year ago, ICT Innovative Communication Technologies AG (Kohlberg) introduced smartPerform. With this software multi-media and interactive presentations can be created from existing contents – without further knowledge of programming and regardless of data formats. The new release of smartPerform 1.3 is now available and it offers more powerful and more user friendly tools for the creation of presentations. von Oliver Schwede

SmartPerform 1.3 is released

As well as the integration of objects via Drag & Drop, the newly designed User Interface facilitates the import and processing of folders, data, websites, sketches and video streams in the upper area via mouse click as well. The so-called Parallax-Effect enables the achievement of a visual depth in the presentation structure. Prioritized contents can thus be placed in the foreground or in the background via Zooming, or dynamically designed per rotation.

Additionally, Excel data can now be integrated in smartPerform 1.3. Switching between the CMS and the Player-Mode is now easier, the created presentation can be immediately checked for appearance. Other new features of smartPerform 1.3 offer an unlimited Full-screen-View and the Logic Manager. The latter facilitates access to pre-programmed data via RFID.

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