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Evoluce Software Development Kit for Kinect released

The Evoluce Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinect and Windows 7 is now available and enables developers to create noncommercial applications with a natural user experience. The SDK uses depth sensing information like human motion tracking from devices like the Microsoft Kinect sensor and Asus Xtion Pro. Users will benefit from easy and intuitive applications in areas like events and exhibitions, education, digital signage and healthcare. The free Evoluce SDK for Kinect can be downloaded.

The Evoluce SDK includes high-quality technical documentation and several samples like the demo application “Motor Sport”. This sample shows how users can navigate through a menu and control images and videos by simple hand movements. Users can take control by waving the hand as long as they are within the range of the sensor that allows controller-free interaction up to a distance of 4.5 meters.

“The Evoluce SDK enables our partners to explore an unlimited number of inspiring possibilities of depth-sensing devices in combination with intelligent software”, says Wolfgang Herfurtner, CEO of Evoluce. “Non-gaming applications can now be controlled by the wave of a hand.“

The Evoluce SDK for Kinect, which works with Windows 7, includes drivers and rich APIs for natural user interfaces, installer documents and resource materials and is powered by NITE and OpenNI.

Evoluce will release a commercial version of the Evoluce SDK for Kinect at a later date.